Jupiter-Guru, planet of good fortune and philosophy, turns retrograde in Pisces from 28th July until 24th November 2022.

Transiting through its own sign for this whole phase raises Jupiter’s healing powers of belief and you retrace your recent steps and recalibrate your ambitions. Jupiter’s five-month retrograde arc reinforces all such themes and sorts out the sustainable ambitions from those which need adjusting, or even abandoning.

Perhaps you haven’t capitalized fully on a professional opportunity, or realized exactly what a free and open outlook sits before you. A specific offer or invitation from the recent past may come around a second time and you are in a better position now to jump aboard.

Faith and empathy in your work is well-rewarded, and showing confidence in others is an inspiring leadership tool. This is also a good time for travel and spiritual knowledge, and a sound relationship with a teacher sees you educating yourself in ways which extend far beyond the limits of this transit.

Likewise, you gain new wisdom and experience that are more than just classroom credentials. Jupiter gives you natural assurance and charisma, but be mindful of a complacent, or even cocky, attitude at work or in a relationship.

You still have to give and take, and even better results come when you keep your ego in check. Saturn, planet of boundaries and karma, casts its influence on Jupiter through this whole transit, and may give you a budget or time restraint to balance your adventurous instincts.

Work within your limitations: your sweet spot lies between these two extremes and you can protect your down-side while lifting your ceiling higher.

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