Sun, planet of soul and self-expression, travels through Ardra within the sign of Gemini from June 22nd to July 6th.

This asterism’s ruler is Rudra, the Storm God, an incarnation of Shiva, and its symbol is the Teardrop, showing a cathartic moment where stress or sentiment overwhelms you, before you emerge feeling lighter and easier, like the Sun coming out after a thunderstorm.

Ardra’s intense nature is sharply different to the traditional light, bubbly Gemini qualities, and takes you into darker and deeper territory, where your intuition comes into play and you detach yourself from past memories and entanglements.

The Shakti, or special power of this nakshatra is for ‘Effort’, and the Sun’s passage sees you stepping your workload up in pursuit of a big ambition. Wherever the Sun is found sees you fighting a heroic battle, and in Ardra there may be obstacles to overcome which take more of your time and energy.

You shine a light on areas of life which were hidden or dormant, and can face challenges which require strong nerve and detachment. Get the benefit of being a cool head in a crisis, either at home or at work, and step up to perform difficult tasks other people would rather not face.

Yet equally, guard against being triggered by small stimulus or setback, and having an emotional episode out of all proportion to the moment. Your awareness of intense and difficult situations gives you powers of empathy, and you have insight into people from a caring or therapeutic point of view.

This transit begins exactly as a long Mercury retrograde period ends, so you may be dealing with the fallout of a recent change of mind or the uptake of a new business direction.

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