Mars, a planet of action and competition, enters the nakshatra of Revati, in the sign of Pisces from May 14th to June 1st, 2024.

This nakshatra translates to ‘The Wealthy’ and promises fortune and fine personal qualities, as you put your strength and energy into projects which increase your prosperity. Revati is particularly favourable to those on the road and away from home, and its Shakti ‘To Protect’, sees you feeling restless and adventurous, and also giving support to travellers and friends.

The ruling deity of this asterism, Pushan, the defender of lost people and animals, favours fighting for a cause and making a stand to offer hospitality, or perhaps taking on an animal companion. A spur-of-the-moment trip away can give you unexpected insight.

You may be crusading for yourself, or on behalf of a charity or special interest, where Mars gives you initiative and impulsiveness which suits your battling mood. Revati’s symbol, the Drum, also has connotations with rhythm and timing, and you have a pulsing sense of marching to your own beat.

Your independent streak is enhanced by Mars’s conjunction with dark, exotic Rahu through this whole transit, which inclines you to take risks and go further out on a limb.

Know where to set your limits, however, and be careful of a reckless or irresponsible approach to your work: more does not always mean better, especially around May 18th and 19th.

Mars is a naturally self-centred star but you can channel your ego into a positive outlet and operate in a subtler and more behind-the-scenes style.

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