The Sun, ruler of soul and self-expression, is in the Gandanta zone between Cancer and Leo and Ashlesha and Magha from August 13th to 20th 2023.

Gandata means ‘knot-end’ where you find an obstacle to overcome, and the Sun’s usual ego-oriented style can’t get its natural power and authority across. This double-border area extends either side of zodiacal signs and nakshatras, and may see a period of instability where your plans fall in between two extremes.

The transition from water to fire signs makes symbolic steam, so expect to work a little harder and perhaps have to adjust before getting your intention pushed through. The last pada of Ashlesha, from August 13th-17th emphasizes protectiveness and instinct, where you have a radar-like ability to zoom in on people’s thoughts and feelings.

Check your intuition with a trusted source, however, as the Gandanta energy can be unfocused and undermining, and any defensive attitude on your part can be easily misunderstood. Ashlesha’s Shakti ‘To Inject Venom’, may also find you in a toxic situation where you have to take steps to shield yourself.

By August 17th, the Sun shifts to its home sign, and in grand Magha you want to be more relaxed and expansive. Leo receives the twin influences of Jupiter and Saturn at this time, which creates a more complex picture and an abrupt shift from the relative peace and quiet of Cancer.

An idea you dream up in the first days of this passage meets a real world test in the last part, and the Sun’s journey across the Gandanta gap teaches you an important truth.

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