Jupiter-Guru, planet of belief and expansion, moves by direct motion into the first pada of Uttarashadha on October 30th until November 21st, the nakshatra portion it has been through twice already this year, in March and July.

Business, intrigue and potential from both those times returns into your life, or else you find answers to solve problems now that tested you back then. As Jupiter shifts forward in its home sign of Sagittarius within Uttara, you find new strength and spontaneity, with potential for freedom, healing and a more expansive outlook. 

Rather than a sense of obligation, you are motivated by a wish to help people and your good instincts draw a sympathetic reaction from your surroundings. You can trust your intuition and be more open with people than you have been over the last three-to-four months; but still it may be as well to wait until after November 3rd to commit to a new invitation or opportunity. 

Uttara’s nature is smart, educated and diplomatic, with the promise of popularity and many friends, so this transit may also reinvigorate your social life. This first pada of Uttara also relates to Sagittarius navamsha – the spirituality and relationship chart – which gives you an underlying mental strength and confidence, so that you can trust your judgement and life lives up to your expectations. 

The Shakti, or special gift of Uttara is for ‘Unchallenged Victory’, so you may find a job or relationship opening up for you when you least expect, and arriving precisely through your innocent attitude. Still, you have to earn your good luck and not expect everything simply to fall into your hands. Jupiter brings you great advantages, but even more when you prepare the ground first and do the right thing. 

Uttara’s symbol of the elephant’s Tusk shows penetration and insight into a situation and has an association with Ganesha, God of Success, so regular chanting of a Ganpati mantra removes obstacles and further boosts your success.

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