The Sun, ruler of soul and self-expression, is in the Gandanta zone between Scorpio and Sagittarius, and the nakshatras of Jyeshta and Mula on December 12th until 18th.

Gandanta is this double-border area either side of the zodiacal fire and water signs and asterisms, and this can bring a period of instability for your plans. It pays to think ahead at this time, to have a fallback position and expect delays in getting your intentions pushed through. The Sun is an egocentric star where you want to put on a display and show your talents, but you may find a lack of support and some resistance to your intentions.

The end of Scorpio-Jyeshta sees your focus more on feeling and psychology, where you go by instinct and keep your intentions well hidden. Yet this is also a fighting sign and nakshatra combination, and Jyeshta’s Shakti for ‘Courage in Battle’, gives you a pushy quality which may see you going too far, too fast. This inital period up to December 16th is also underpinned by Pisces navamsha – the relationship and spirituality chart – which gives you sympathy and insight, and you progress through a subtler approach than being the classic Solar Hero.

Once the Sun shifts into deep, rootsy Mula you may not only revise your plans, but scrap them entirely out of frustration, so try and see a longer game. Mula’s Shakti of ‘the power to destroy’ gives it a reputation for wildness and unpredicatability, which is why this particular Gandanta zone is considered the most volatile of all. Sun in early Sagittarius here is also in Aries navamsha, however, where it is bold and strong, and you have inner resolve and the power to get things done by sheer force of personality.

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