The last eclipse of 2021 arrives on December 4th at 07:23am GMT, with the Total Solar Eclipse in Scorpio-Jyeshtha.

This event is a New Moon across the Rahu-Ketu axis, where the Shadow Planets come together with the twin luminaries, bringing worldly, materialist tendencies to the fore. The Sun, ruler of soul, is obscured by the disc of the Moon and emotional issues symbolically come to the fore, leading to a subjective and personal way of viewing the world.

You are aware of deeper and more intense inner sensations, and may even be fearful or anxious during the eclipse hours, with every slight doubt or question being magnified. Especially in passionate Scorpio-Jyeshtha, where the Moon is already highly charged and passionate, it’s as well to achieve a balance and appreciate the atmospheric conditions.

Otherworldly Ketu gives you especially acute intuition, but try not to overreact to any slight or remark from people close to you – appreciate what is real versus imaginary or illusory. The general advice is to stay low-key at an eclipse, remain indoors wherever possible, and don’t take on strenuous new activity or sweeping changes.

Meditation is particularly powerful on the day, however, and mantra-chanting has a multifold effect – this is an opportunity to dissolve obstacles and project your desires from a deep spiritual level. Jyeshtha’s symbol is an Umbrella or Talisman, so your spiritual practice gives you a sense of inner security that will support you wherever you happen to be.

This eclipse is also heavily ruled by dynamic Mars, at the final degree of Libra, which may lend an extra unstable quality to the day. All the more reason to wait until at least the light of the first waxing Moon, which appears by around December 7th before making a binding promise or commitment.

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