From May 21st to 29th, 2024, Mercury, the planet of intellect and communication, transits through Bharani in the fiery sign of Aries.

Bharani, symbolized by the Vulva and signifying “she who bears,” is associated with the themes of birth and creation—whether birthing children or birthing ideas. During this period, you may find yourself nurturing a creative or innovative project. It takes courage to see such projects through, but your confidence will support your decisions.

This transit blesses you with intense focus and the boldness to assert your views, even when presenting controversial truths. Your intellectual ‘brainchild’ could lead to educational achievements, fresh insights, and the initiation of new plans, connections, or business ventures.

The Shakti, or power, of Bharani is ‘to carry things away,’ offering a blend of deep mysticism and practical grounding. However, Mercury’s grounding presence ensures you don’t lose yourself to impractical dreams. Influenced by the stern and traditional Saturn throughout this transit, you’ll navigate the fine line between sticking with the norms and pushing against them.

Dedication to your work will help you meet deadlines, but ensure you balance speaking with listening. Commit to your ideas only after thorough research, particularly as challenges on May 28th will require you to defend your expertise and depth of knowledge. Facing these challenges head-on could ultimately earn you greater respect and acknowledgment for your well-founded perspectives.

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