Mars, planet of energy and competition, enters the nakshatra of Revati, in the sign of Pisces from June 8th 2022.

This nakshatra translates to ‘The Wealthy’ and promises fortune and fine personal qualities, as you put your strength and initiative into projects which ultimately will increase your prosperity.

Revati is particularly favourable those on the road and away from home, so you may feel restless and adventurous, with an idealised vision of a faraway place you have always wanted to visit. Mars gives you initiative and impulsiveness, and a spur-of-the-moment trip away can give you unexpected insight.

Revati’s symbol, the Drum, also has connotations with rhythm and timing, and Mars gives you a pulsing and energetic sense of marching to your own beat. The ruling deity here is Pushan, the defender of lost people and animals, so you may be fighting for a cause – perhaps somebody else’s – making a stand to offer hospitality, or else taking on an animal soul-mate.

The Shakti, or special power, of this nakshatra is also ‘To Protect’, which suits your current battling qualities and you like the righteous feeling of standing up for a friend or loved one’s interests.

Mars is a naturally self-centred star but you channel your ego into a positive outlet and operate in a subtler and more behind-the-scenes style. Revati’s nature is Sattvic and spiritual, so this selfless approach comes from a genuine place, with no ulterior motive of reward.

Tread carefully, however, as Mars is squeezed between the tough planets Rahu and Saturn through this transit, where you need all your insight and energy to get your intention across.

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