Choose rituals based on any of these subjects with personalized timings and dates based on your birth chart.

NEW: In Rituals

  • Tick off your key daily rituals with a tick box checklist.
  • Find rituals by category tag like ‘Improve Relationships’, ‘Career’.
  • Rituals sorted into ‘current’ or ‘earlier in the day’ sections.
  • Key Rituals and Articles on the home page.

The new app update also includes:

  • New Moon 2.5 Chandrashtama feature – including notifications.
  • Crown Days on the Planner page show the utmost auspicious days.
  • Transit Do’s and Don’ts for the month.
  • Find rituals by category tag button.
  • Daily rituals tick box checklist.
  • Rituals sorted into ‘current’ or ‘earlier in the day’ sections.
  • Keyword “search” box to find rituals, articles and transits content.
  • Find your Ascendant and Nakshatra in Your Birth Chart section.
  • Key Rituals and articles on the home page.
  • Be the first to hear about/test the Enterprise edition of align27.
  • Settings to change the way the Rahu Ketu nodes are calculated.
  • New FAQ’s.
  • Widgets: Ascendant and Lock Screen
  • Design, UI & UX enhancements. Bug fixes
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