Mars, a planet of action and dynamism, is in Aries-Ashwini from June 1st to 19th 2024.

This is Mars’s powerful mulatrikona sign, and a perfect moment for a sudden adventure or to get the ball rolling on a long-delayed project. The Aries section of your chart catches fire, you are determined and decisive, and you can break out of a period of frustration and uncertainty.

Ashwini is associated with courage and flamboyance, and its symbol of the Horse shows speed and power, while its Shakti, or special power for Quick Action sees you moving swiftly from place to place. An academic or business deadline saves you from further delay or over-thinking, and leaping into action gives you momentum.

Your first instinct is probably best, and you have the nerve to go for a job or relationship that may have seemed out of reach before. Ashwini is a sattvic nakshatra, known for good manners and diplomacy, so you also have social skills to smooth over any possible abrupt move.

This asterism is lorded by the Ashvini Kumaras, the heavenly physicians, and also associated with healing and looking after people – you can get into a new fitness or rehab routine, or use your spark and drive to throw an impromptu party.

Take care up to June 14th, however, as Mars is squeezed between the overbearing Sun and smoky Rahu, and you need courage to fight your corner. You may be on your own, or facing tough or sceptical opinions, but you win respect in the end for backing your beliefs.

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