We usually associate December with indulgence and January for detoxing. However the month of December, which includes the auspicious Vedic month of Mrigashira (20th Nov – 19 Dec) marking the start of the four-month long winter season, is when the real detox can begin, in preparation for the (western) New Year of 2022.

In the Bhagavad Gita (10.35) Lord Krishna says – “Of the months, I am Mrigashira”, showing us the power of the 9th Vedic month. The Full Moon in Mrigashira is celebrated as the birth anniversary of Lord Dattatreya Jayanti, who is considered to be the incarnation of the Trimurtis; Brahma the Creator, Vishnu the Sustainer and Shiva the Destroyer. It is also considered to be the day when Lord Dattatreya got enlightened.

December is the month to dive into our spiritual practices, align with our cosmic blueprint and prepare our body, mind and spirit for the months ahead.

Here’s your daily guide of 31 spiritual and astro happenings for December and rituals for each day to align, for the
December Great Big Astro Detox:
(for exact times on when to do these based on your location see the rituals section in the align27 app).

Dec 1 – Mercury & Venus Move Today → 
Mercury, planet of media and commerce and Venus, planet of relationships, art and luxuries are on the move today, tap to see personalized insights for you.

Dec2 – Sun Moves Today →
Sun, ruler of soul and self-expression, is on the move today – tap to see personalized insights for you.

Dec3 – Friday is ruled by Venus →
The planet that brings wealth & prosperity, listen or chant the Sri Suktam a vedic hymn honoring Lakshmi, Goddess of Wealth.

Dec 4 – Today there will be a Solar Eclipse →
Gain power and protection by following these specific guidelines, rituals & remedies.

Dec 5 – Today is ruled by Moon mansion Mula, symbolizing roots. →
Garden, meditate in a garden or water plants to honor and tap into the special energy and to get the power of Mula to get to the ‘root of the matter’.

Dec 6 – Monday is Moon Day, →
associated with Lord Shiva, who destroys to create. Align with these suggested rituals to transform your health and wealth with Shiva’s dynamic energies today.

Dec 7 – Rahu and Ketu Move Today →
Shadow planets Rahu (desire and the exotic) and Ketu (spirituality and imagination) are on the move today, what does this mean for you?

Dec 8 – Listen to the sound of drums or flute. →
The moon mansion influencing today is Dhanishta, which is sumbolized by the drum and flute, so align with the rythmn of this wealthy nakshatra.

Dec 9 – Heal Yourself & Heal Others →
Shatabhishak is the nakshatra of influence today. Known as a ‘Hundred Healers’ tap into its power of healing.

Dec 10 – This Lunar day is Ruled by Rahu →
Perform these rituals to tame the Moon’s illusory North Node, Rahu, and avoid chaos & confusion caused due to his erratic energies.

Dec 11 – Today is Saturn’s Days →
Ground yourself by walking barefoot on grass. If not possible, walk barefoot wherever you are at least for some time to honor the planet of humility.

Dec 12 – Cows are Sacred Animals →
It’s an auspicious day (Cow is the animal symbol for today’s Moon mansion of Uttara Bhadrapada) to connect with their energy through donation, feeding or spending time with them.

Dec 13 – Moon Is In A Spiritual Knot →
The Moon transits the sensitive Gandanta zone today – stay balanced during this time of transition.

Dec 14 – A Good Day to Repay Debts →
Tuesday is ruled by Mars, during the hour ruled by Mars it is optimum to pay back outstanding debts.


Dec 15 – Sun moves to Sagittarius today
When Sun moves signs its an auspicious day to reflect on the past month and plan for the month ahead. 🔆

Dec 16 – Today is the monthly Karthigai festival. →
Karthigai occurs when the moon transits lunar mansion Krittika, which falls in Taurus. It is a day to align with Lord Shiva (The Destroyer) and Lord Kartikeya/Skanda/Muruga, the warrior/philosopher god associated with fire.

Dec 17 – Today’s Tithi (Lunar day) is Shukla Chathurdashi. →
It’s considered to hold aggressive energies, so it is good for matching these energies with activities that involve healthy aggression. Call on the protective and victorious powers of Lord Narasimha, the courageous and valiant man-lion form of Lord Vishnu, The Preserver with this mantra.

Dec 18 – The Full Moon in Mrigashira is celebrated as Dattatreya Jayanti. →
Lord Dattatreya is the combined energy of Lord Brahma (Creation), Lord Vishnu (Sustenance) and Lord Shiva (Transformation) and this is the day when he was enlightened. You can do these recommended rituals to align.

Dec 19 – Venus Retrograde →
Venus turning around deals with your existing relationships – try to use the positive side of this transit to smooth out tensions in your liaisons and to cherish what is closest to you.

Dec 20 – Repeat Only the Worthy Today →
As energies today of moon mansion Punarvasu encourage things to repeat.

Dec 21 – An Auspicious Day →
Choose your thoughts and activities wisely today as there is potential for them to repeat – good and bad 🙂

Dec 22 – It’s Sankashti Chaturthi, an auspicious festival that occurs every lunar month. →
Eliminate blockages in your life by aligning your energies with the powers of Lord Ganesha, the remover of obstacles, as the day is dedicated to him.

Dec 23 – Turmeric is associated with Jupiter & it’s Jupiter’s day →
Thursday is ruled by Jupiter. Draw in his wisdom by applying a small amount of turmeric, even a little dot for some time. over your third eye chakra, between your eyebrows.

Dec 24 – Chew Cardamom on Venus-ruled Friday → Cardamom pods correspond to the element water and the planet Venus.

Dec 25 – We are in the potent Venus-ruled Moon mansion of Purva Phalguni →
Call on the powers of Goddess Saraswati (knowledge) & Goddess Lakshmi (wealth) as representatives of Venus’ dynamic power to draw the most balances effects of this wonderful nakshatra.

Dec 26 – Strengthen the Sun in your birth chart → Sunday is Sun’s Day – try this simple yet powerful water ritual to align with its energy

Dec 27 – Today is under the influence of moon Mansion of Hasta, symbolized by hands. →
Activate the spiritual energy of the day by clapping your hands for 2 minutes in a meditative state & notice an immediate boost in your state of mind.

Dec 28 – Mars Rules Today →
Chant Om Mangalaya Namaha to honor and align with the powers of Mars, the ruling planet of the day.

Dec 29 – Shadow planet Rahu rules today’s nakshatra (Moon mansion) →
Balance the effects of Rahu by drawing on the powers of Goddess Durga, the fierce alter ego of Parvati and wife of Lord Shiva, The Dissolver by chanting Om Dum Durgaye Namaha 108 times today.

Dec 30 – Remove Obstacles In Your Life →
By meditating upon this picture of the 21st form of Lord Ganesha Harida Ganapati, whose powers relate to today’s Nakshatra (Moon mansion) Vishakha.

Dec 31 – It’s Venus day & Venus is in Retrograde →
Avoid dwelling on the past, especially relationships and avoid obsessive thoughts. Align with the powers of Venus who rules beauty, love, creativity, music, sensuality and wealth.