Venus, planet of art and relating, is in Leo-Purva Phalguni ‘the previous red one’, from July 28th until August 8th 2021.

Purva’s symbol is a hammock, which describes its relaxed nature, and this transit finds Venus in an easygoing and romantic setting. You are happy to let a relationship take its own course where there is no strict agenda or criteria to follow, and if somebody proposes a date or trip away you go along without  wondering what happens next.

This asterism’s ruling deity is Aryaman, one of the Adityas, who has qualities of leadership and integrity, plus power over marital happiness, which emphasizes your love of play and flirtation. All that matters is the bond of affection between you and your partner, and you celebrate the spontaneous and fun-loving.

Purva’s Shakti, or unique gift, is for ‘procreation’, so while your mind may not be on having a family, you do love being around people, and celebrate life and all quality, luxurious Venusian things. Keeping one eye on the future is advised, however, or you fall into a reckless or chaotic routine over which you have no control.

Channelling your energy is necessary as the constant pursuit of pleasure for its own sake can become mentally and physically draining. Venus is also planet of the arts so you may literally be co-creating in an artistic collaboration, where bouncing your ideas off a partner adds depth and inspiration.

This current transit pairs Venus with dynamic Mars, giving you a more intense need for company, and you have the courage and impulse to initiate a relationship if you want a new romantic moment.

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