The final lunar eclipse of 2020 lands in Taurus-Rohini on November 30th at 9:11am GMT.

This is also the first of six eclipses altogether in the Taurus-Scorpio axis over an eighteen-month spell, where these houses of your chart will go through karmic events and emotional adjustment.

A lunar eclipse sees the shadow of the Earth come in front of the Moon, and the psychic, lunar principle gets obscured by the symbolic Self. It is a showy, outward time, and Full Moons are traditionally moments of culmination, where you can bring an ambition or campaign of action to a close and move on afterwards feeling lighter. This may entail leaving something, or someone, behind, as the eclipse acts in karmic way and marks your moving to a different place in your life.

Rohini is the favourite of the Moon’s nakshatras – or ‘brides’ – and brings a comfortable feeling of being in the body, with a sensual and romantic feeling. Its Shakti, or special gift, is ‘the power to grow all things’, so you may find an auspicious outcome even when work and relationship don’t go as expected.

Charm and charisma help you get your way, though with any eclipse it is worth being alert for added pressure and a quirk of fate. So watch out for an overreaction, either in yourself or those you are relating to, where a highly charged atmosphere gives the sense of there being a great deal at stake.

The mood settles down afterwards, and it is worth waiting two or three days if possible to see a question or dilemma in its proper light. Big decisions, new initiatives and long-distance travel are not recommended on the day, nor to eat or drink at eclipse time itself, but you get excellent value from focused mantra-chanting and meditation.

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