Ketu, the shadow planet of mysticism and self-denial, is in Vishakha pada three from April 12th 2022, as it makes its first steps into Libra.

Vishakha’s symbol is a Victory Arch, so a personal triumph now comes through Ketu’s power of intuition and sensing an underlying atmosphere. You may succeed by an unusual path and hide your light for a time – this is not the best placement for outward ambition or pure ego-drive.

Pada Three of this nakshatra relates to Gemini navamsha, the underlying chart of marriage and good fortune, so there’s a Mercury-ruled focus on analysis and using your mind and intelligence. This is a good transit for education, where you have the ability to see both sides of a question and express yourself clearly.

You can also combine intellect and intuition when you are studying, and making a deeper connection to your knowledge takes you to another mental level. Psychic research may be a good pursuit, where you are open to deep spiritual immersion and have the mental clarity to make sense of it.

Keeping a diary may be worthwhile, where you have colourful or profound experiences to refer back to. This nakshatra is ruled by Indragni, a combination of Indra, King of the Gods and Agni, the embodiment of sacred fire, so there may also be a sense of sacrifice for the time you are working at the books or in meditation.

Still, try to maintain your focus and act to a definite plan – Ketu sometimes mistakes simple movement for constructive action, and you can waste energy. Vishakha’s Shakti or unique power is to ‘Achieve Many Fruits in Life’, so helping friends and family or a wider group of people achieve their ambitions works into your own strategy. 

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