Venus, planet of relating, comes together with strict, karmic Saturn in the sign of Aquarius from January 22nd to February 15th 2023.

These two stars appear to have little in common, but are great planetary friends who carry the promise of making a strong and lasting tie. Venus and Saturn have been transiting together since the start of 2023, but now in Aquarius, give you a more open and progressive idea of friendship, where you bond over a shared vision of the future.

A friendship or affair against the backdrop of business or other formal setting may surprise you, and you work around the limitations of the moment. An office romance can create a tricky situation, or else a pressing duty-call at work takes you away from your partner and makes you relate long-distance for a while.

You may feel shy or reluctant to get involved, and Venus-Saturn affects your sense of attractiveness and self-worth. These planets working well together can also see you create a timeless, classic image, where you look stylish in all weathers and signal you are someone to do business with.

Your relationships have a fated quality, where simply splitting up or looking for somebody new means your next romantic encounter is very similar to your last – be mindful and appreciate it’s better to stick together and work the problem out.

In any case, you are drawn to a mature and influential partner, who has an effect on your work and career path. You have a strong desire to make a statement of your relationship, where you pay extra attention to security and longevity, and see that romantic success takes more than just a passing attraction.

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