Saturn is in pada four of Dhanishtha from Feb 14th to March 14th 2023, as the planet of boundaries, karma and success progresses through the sign of Aquarius.

Dhanishtha pada four relates to Scorpio in the relationship and good fortune Navamsha chart, which brings you an underlying Mars-ruled intensity and drive. With Saturn in Aquarius strong by sign, you can combine its airy ideas-based thinking with gut-level feel and a desire to get beyond surface appearances.

Pada Four is also of the Moksha tendency, with an underlying focus on spirituality and liberation, and you can unfold your desires through a long-term program of meditation and reflection. Listen to your intuition about a person or situation that may defy rational thought, but is still valid, and will guide your actions going forward.

You can also channel your competitive instincts into a long-range task and be personally transformed in the process, as you shed old emotional layers and attachments. The Shakti, or special gift of this nakshatra ‘To Bestow Wealth and Fame’, sees your hard-fought Saturn-driven climb paying off in terms of status wherever you direct your focus.

Dhanishtha is linked to music, in particular rhythm symbolized by The Drum, and as well as Saturn’s discipline in this Mars-ruled pada gives you energy and a steady tempo. Saturn receives planetary support in this transit up to February 28th especially, as the benefics Mercury, Venus and Jupiter combine to put you across in a friendly light.

Your proposals are backed by friends and co-workers, and people will follow you when you volunteer for a new project: though you shoulder a lot of the work at the start, you get a bigger share of the final credit.

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