Jupiter, Sun Conjunction (in Pisces) ~ Good fortune and charisma

The all-powerful Sun comes together with expansive Jupiter in Pisces from March 16th to April 14th 2023, which gives you a wide-range vision of the future.

These great planetary friends have a powerful influence when they join forces, particularly with Jupiter strong by sign and giving its best effects. The Sun shows your ego and sense of self, and in watery Pisces you express yourself in a subtler and more sensitive way, perhaps learning to lead and reflect others.

You still show a feisty, emotional side which can overflow in times of stress, but Jupiter gives you easy confidence and faith, along with a flair for teaching. This is a good time for forward planning, especially around travel, and though you may have to scale your ideas back after the event, it is still better to aim high.

Your current optimistic outlook is probably closer to your real nature than in other times of shyness and self-doubt. You may gravitate towards a demanding spiritual path, or share your own knowledge, and being grounded in a formal faith or philosophy gives your life innate meaning.

From April 6th onwards, Jupiter is increasingly swallowed up in the Sun’s bright glare and it takes more effort to express its generous, optimistic nature. Try not to let abstract thoughts run away with you at this point, and don’t take good fortune for granted.

This transit can bring luck and a charismatic aura, but you still have to earn your results, and may actually have to work harder at grounding your ideas.

Keeping the faith in a project when you are surrounded by sceptical voices takes energy and courage – though being the cheerleader in all weathers gives you the status of a visionary after your victory is won.

Jupiter, Mercury Conjunction (in Pisces) ~ Combining proof and faith

Mercury, planet of communication and commerce, comes together with philosophical Jupiter in Pisces from March 17th to March 31st 2023.

This is a combination of planetary opposites in many ways, with Mercury focusing on the fine details, while Jupiter looks at the bigger picture. These two planetary enemies also perform very differently in Pisces, where Mercury struggles with intuition and blurred boundaries, while Jupiter is perfectly at home using faith and a sense of divine wisdom.

You may go from excessive doubt to broad over-confidence, and it’s hard to make a practical start until you have the facts in the right proportion. Jupiter’s strength by sign lifts Mercury’s level through this transit, however, and allows you to grasp a new subject instinctively, without understanding rationally how you do it.

At its best, this pairing gives you imagination and mental confidence, especially if you are studying academically or writing or doing other creative work. You also have powers of empathy and the gift for putting into words a sensation or experience that others find hard to express.

This is a good time to plan a media project or major think-piece, though it may be as well to talk to a mentor figure or consult an outside opinion who acts as the voice of reason. Check the fine print in any offer or potential investment, as you are inclined to take things at face value without considering the real-world fallout.

As this transit peaks around March 27th to 29th, you may even have a moment of lasting mystical insight which you can write down and share with the world. Pull all your arguments together and understand that you have to persuade outsiders with facts and evidence, as well as a shining fantasy future.

Mercury, Sun Conjunction (in Pisces) ~ Taking pride in your ideas

Mercury, planet of the mind, comes together in Pisces with Sun, star of self-expression, from March 17th to 31st 2023.

This potentially powerful transit pairs the Sun’s bright confidence with Mercury’s commercial acumen, and creates Budhaditya Yoga, a combination for study, public speaking and business enterprise.

Mercury is not on natural territory in Pisces, a sign which operates through inspired intuition rather than cold intellect, so you may become extra-rational for a time, just to keep everything in check.

However, you can also channel Mercury’s visionary ability effectively and actually outstrip your own expectations, in academic work and in business. The early part of this transit especially, up to March 21st, sees Mercury travelling closely with the Sun and being swallowed up in its powerful glare.

This may lead to a rather nervous or agitated state, as you feel overwhelmed by a persistent problem, or else a large, influential personality. You are super-concerned about each tiny choice, or perhaps someone else’s opinion, and end up paralysed by over-thinking.

Appreciate that this sensation will ease off over the course of this transit, and if possible, you can wait for doubts and obstacles to clear before committing yourself. A wise friend or family member may be helpful to give you distance on your decisions.

Mercury and the Sun are also hemmed between the harsh influences of Rahu and Saturn through this whole phase, which adds pressure and an element of obsession to your thought process. You tread a fine line between rebellion and conformity, and may feel you lack support for your bigger and more ambitious ideas.

Keep your confidence up and don’t lose perspective on exactly what you are trying to express and create.

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