Venus, the planet of art and affection, is combusted by the all-powerful Sun altogether from April 25th to July 9th, 2024.

This transit occurs when Venus is close to the Sun and gets swallowed up in its glare, to the point where Venus becomes invisible in the sky. When the star of love and beauty ‘disappears’, you may feel overlooked or underappreciated, as if somebody else’s needs take priority over yours.

Concern arises about a relationship, your appearance, or a sale or purchase, and you lack the confidence to speak up about it openly. Venus and the Sun begin their ‘dance’ together in Aries, and keep close to each other through the sign of Taurus after May 19th, and into Gemini on June 12th, then Cancer by July 6th.

Combustion is a debilitating condition, especially as the Sun and Venus are planetary enemies, and this transit limits your ability to negotiate or find a reasonable middle way in romance or business. If you’ve relied on charm or a personal rapport to get ahead at work, a more serious test stretches your knowledge and ability under pressure.

You may have to sacrifice a luxury item to meet costs, or give up a possible introduction when the situation doesn’t feel right. As ever with an obstructed planet, you are also motivated to try harder, be extra open and forgiving, and perhaps make friends you would not have made otherwise.

This transit reaches maximum intensity in Taurus from June 1st to 12th, when you think harder about how you come across to others and end up in a better position by reaching a tricky compromise.

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