Venus, the planet of love and art, moves from Pisces-Revati to Aries-Ashwini between April 22nd to 27th 2024.

This is the Gandanta ‘knot-end’ between water and fire signs, and nakshatras, a double- junction or ‘sandhi’ that makes this area volatile and unstable. Venus goes from its highest degree of exaltation in Pisces on April 23rd into fierier and more self-centred mode by April 24th, and your relationships shift into a direct and demanding style.

The desire to support and believe in your partner gives way to a more independent romantic vision, though it’s best to take things slowly. There’s a karmic quality here that tests your intentions and demands that you keep to your romantic ideals, despite a passing lack of support.

Going against the flow and pulling on the Gandanta knot may only entangle you more tightly – especially as Mercury, the planet of thought, is also retrograde until April 26th. This is a doubly difficult window to negotiate, which may coincide with the return of an ex or see you slide back into a romantic pattern you have tried to leave behind.

Revati is known for selflessness, hospitality and protection, and you are attracted to mavericks and outsiders with a mysterious allure. Ashwini by contrast, is pure fire, where you get your needs met by the quickest route, and you may find somebody older or influential who acts as a guide or teacher.

Your good intentions may also be misunderstood or have to change suddenly, or else a partner shows you their true face stripped away from any pretence.

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