Venus, the planet of love and art, is in the Gandanta zone between Cancer and Leo from July 28th to August 3rd, 2024.

This ‘knot-end’ passage sees Venus move between elements and nakshatras, from water to fire and from Ashlesha to Magha, and the handover period sees an uncertain phase in your relationship and shared plans. Going from the water element into the fire, Venus symbolically generates steam and you may have trouble seeing an issue clearly – plus friends and family members are in an erratic or changeable mood.

A fated and unpredictable quality can surprise you, even if you believe you have exhausted all of a romantic situation’s possibilities. The sharp contrast between moody, sensitive Cancer-Ashlesha and bold confident Leo-Magha, favours moving slowly and trying to carry people along with you. An unexpected offer gives you something positive to consider, but as you are already in a shifting space, be mindful that your actions may surprise others.

Your creativity may also take a sudden turn, as your inspiration changes and you express yourself in a bolder and more extrovert way. Venus in Leo-Magha picks up the influence of strict, karmic Saturn from July 31st, which may bring a choice between love and a work commitment, and you are answering a call of duty.

Take each situation as it comes and don’t try to anticipate anybody’s response ahead of time. This transit also occurs just days before a Mercury retrograde period, so be ready to adapt to a delayed message as it arrives.

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