Venus, planet of relationship and values, is in Jyeshta in the sign of Scorpio from December 24th 2020 until January 4th 2021.

Jyeshta’s name is ‘The Elder’, and its ruling devata is Indra, King of the Gods, so your love life centres on taking responsibility for your partner or a larger group of people.  You may be attracted to somebody older, or become the voice of experience yourself in a romantic situation, at a time when your love life is intense and emotional. Watch out for jealousy and possessive feelings that arise, especially if you have private friendship going on that moves to a new level, or you have to decide between two different partners.

Jyeshta’s symbol is a Talisman or Umbrella so there is also a sense of providing protection, for yourself and people closest to you. Venus is good for advocacy so
you may be speaking up on behalf of a cause or looking into insurance or a fall-back position that provides security. This asterism is associated with Alakshmi, the elder sister of Lakshmi Devi, and signifies scarcity or hardship, so it’s not the best time for speculation or over-indulgence, though a well-considered donation to a cause has a positive effect.

Jyeshta’s Shakti, or special power, is for Courage in Battle, and you may be pressing a diplomatic dispute now or using Venus’s influence to win the peace. You may also have the nerve to make a romantic move that would seem out of reach at any other time. The final three days of this passage, January 1st to 4th finds the Venus in the Gandanta knot between signs and nakshatras, where energy is otherworldly and unfocused.

Plans here have a slightly erratic quality, so be careful of making a personal decision that affects your close partner or anyone else in your life.
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