Mercury, planet of thought and communication, is in Uttara Bhadrapada from March 17th to 24th 2023, the nakshatra wholly inside the zodiacal sign of Pisces.

This asterism gives you powers of speech and eloquence, so approaching an idea, book or source of information with your intuition on full-beam gives you an original new take. Uttara is also known for compassion, and brings an intelligent and curious mentality with a focus on the higher things in life.

Though analytical Mercury is not at home in zodiacal Pisces, your imagination takes over and Uttara gives you the ability to think intuitively and creatively. The presence of Jupiter its home sign currently, also lifts Mercury’s level and allows you express big picture ideas in a relatable way.

So ignore the crowd and play to your convictions. Uttara is ruled by Ahirbudhnya, the serpent of the deep, which shows you diving into your emotions and spirituality, and visualizing ideas that others can only guess at. You can persuade and sell effectively, and have a gift to teach and write, where your grasp of psychology is an asset.

Appealing to people’s better side engineers the best possible outcome, either in a business or financial plan, where you benefit from seeing the other side’s point of view. Uttara’s Shakti, or unique gift, is for ‘Bringing Rain’, which shows fertility and abundance and a link to charity and benevolence, which sees you providing for people closest to you.

Your thinking may become clearer over the course of this transit, as Mercury pulls away from the burning glare of the Sun after March 18th, so have patience and faith that an elusive answer will arrive.

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