Mercury, planet of the mind, comes together in Pisces with Sun, star of self-expression, from March 17th to 31st 2023.

This potentially powerful transit pairs the Sun’s bright confidence with Mercury’s commercial acumen, and creates Budhaditya Yoga, a combination for study, public speaking and business enterprise.

Mercury is not on natural territory in Pisces, a sign which operates through inspired intuition rather than cold intellect, so you may become extra-rational for a time, just to keep everything in check.

However, you can also channel Mercury’s visionary ability effectively and actually outstrip your own expectations, in academic work and in business. The early part of this transit especially, up to March 21st, sees Mercury travelling closely with the Sun and being swallowed up in its powerful glare.

This may lead to a rather nervous or agitated state, as you feel overwhelmed by a persistent problem, or else a large, influential personality. You are super-concerned about each tiny choice, or perhaps someone else’s opinion, and end up paralysed by over-thinking.

Appreciate that this sensation will ease off over the course of this transit, and if possible, you can wait for doubts and obstacles to clear before committing yourself. A wise friend or family member may be helpful to give you distance on your decisions.

Mercury and the Sun are also hemmed between the harsh influences of Rahu and Saturn through this whole phase, which adds pressure and an element of obsession to your thought process. You tread a fine line between rebellion and conformity, and may feel you lack support for your bigger and more ambitious ideas.

Keep your confidence up and don’t lose perspective on exactly what you are trying to express and create.

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