The first eclipse of the new cycle of Rahu and Ketu in Aries and Libra arrives with a partial Solar Eclipse in Aries-Bharani on April 30th.

This event brings a fiery flavour with the Sun and Moon coming together in combustible, decisive Aries, signifying a new beginning where old conditions are swept away and left behind. Bharani’s name means ‘she who bears’ and its symbol, a vulva, suggests giving birth – either physically or else you are hatching plans and creative ideas.

The Shakti of this asterism ‘the power to carry things away’, carries the promise of spiritual transformation, as you learn what you need and what you can live without. This experience is already present in the nature of an eclipse, so there is a double adjustment as you make a voluntary sacrifice.

Anything that feels like it is taken away by fate at this time may be better left alone and accepted. It’s easy to get ‘carried away’ with the intense eclipse energy, but this time does not favour impulsivity or reacting to an idea that takes hold of you in a flash.

Bharani’s ruler, Yama, Lord of Death, affirms its transforming energy – along with a symbolic ending of one ambition, eliminating a long-held karmic desire allows you to move on into the future feeling freer.

This nakshatra also has a pushy side where you simply want to get on with business, but any eclipse benefits from keeping your head and if possible sleeping on a major decision. You won’t always feel as driven and highly-strung as you do today.

This eclipse in zodiacal Aries is hemmed by the sweet planets, Venus and Jupiter on one side and Mercury on the other, so a decision on your part may still receive support from friends and family, and somebody is available for you to talk it over with.

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