May 11 - 14

Sun-Mercury Conjunction (in Aries) ~ Think smart and hard

Mercury, the planet of the mind, is conjunct with the all-powerful Sun in Aries from May 11th to 14th 2024.

This short transit gives you pride in your ideas and communication, and you want full credit for your input into any job or project. Sun and Mercury are planetary enemies, but together create Budhaditya Yoga, a combination of academic honours, clear speech, and commercial skill.

There are definite rewards on offer, and you are inspired to find a new solution to an old or demanding problem. With the Sun in Aries at its most focused and charismatic, there’s a competitive edge to your thinking, and you take the lead through enterprise and initiative.

You have the courage to pursue a difficult question and to back yourself against opposing views. Sun and Mercury are also in different nakshatras, at the opposite ends of Aries, so do not interfere or overpower each other.

Mercury is free of the Sun’s burning rays, and you can express your ideas openly to influential people, without fear or compromise. This gives you the very best from Aries’ assertive energy, and you can declare your truth in an affirming way.

Sun and Mercury also come under the gaze of karmic Saturn, which gives you patience and the focus to meet a deadline. Saturn’s influence takes the edge off Aries’s headstrong nature and allows you to think strategically.

Strike a balance between seizing the moment versus seeing the final outcome, and don’t be afraid to defer a deal if your first offer isn’t good enough.

May 11 - 19

Mercury-Venus Conjunction (in Aries) ~ Tell the heartfelt truth

Mercury, the planet of the mind, and Venus, the planet of relationship, come together in Aries from May 11th to May 19th, 2024.

This pair are planetary friends, which makes a good transit for harmonious speech and smoothing over difficulties in relationship. You have strong opinions, directly expressed, but can also be conciliatory and make moves to reach out socially, where you draw a new crowd around you.

Aries gives you a spontaneous and impulsive style in company and business, and you do well to go with your first instinct. You love to flirt and make introductions among friends and don’t sit back and wait for people to approach you.

With Mercury in Ashwini, especially, you can intercede in a dispute and be the voice of diplomatic reason at work. Though you are friendly and forgiving, try to make sure any real underlying obstacle is properly addressed – this is your chance to clear the air without drama.

You can channel your energy into creative writing, along with any craft or handiwork that uses an artistic touch, where you produce excellent work and give yourself useful therapy. Mercury and Venus receive the direct glance of sober Saturn through this whole transit, and your communication takes on an extra purpose and seriousness.

A plan or project may come together under the pressure of a commercial or academic deadline, but expect to need a little more patience around May 14th.

You can sell and negotiate cleverly, and may even include your partner in your business plans as a collaborator, or for a trusted second opinion.

May 15 - June 14

Sun, Jupiter Conjunction (in Taurus) ~ Charisma and confidence

The Sun, the centre of the cosmos, comes together with grand, philosophical Jupiter in Taurus from May 15th to June 14th, 2024.

These two bodies are great planetary friends that support each other’s symbolism, and their conjunction has great promise for your confidence and charisma. Jupiter brings you a big perspective and generosity, while the Sun sheds light on dark and hidden areas.

There may be friendly rivalry in your circles over who can throw the biggest party or make the most generous gesture. Taurus is not friendly territory for either of these planets, however, so the Sun and Jupiter’s shared love of the grand and expansive should be expressed carefully.

You want only the right things in life to grow, so build slowly go for quality materials with real substance, and make sure you can truly afford that big donation or holiday. Both planets begin this transit in Krittika and remain close to each other in the early part of this transit.

The Sun’s rays have a burning and obscuring effect on Jupiter at this point, and your spiritual sense and faith in providence may be skewed in some way, especially on May 18th and 19th.

You are tempted to ignore traditional teachings or the advice of a trusted friend in the expectation of a quick shortcut. The Sun gradually pulls away from Jupiter by June 1st as your faith is restored and each planet becomes freer to express its own nature.

The New Moon on June 6th is a strongly Taurean time, and the Sun and Jupiter give your plans a far-reaching quality that puts you in touch with your true potential.

May 20 - June 12

Sun, Venus Conjunction (in Taurus) ~ Expressing earthy affection

The light-giving Sun and Venus, the planet of relationship, come together in Taurus from May 20th to June 12th, 2024.

These two planetary enemies affect each other powerfully as you strike a balance between the Sun’s egotism and Venus’s desire to put others first.

You are friendly and gregarious, and a situation that needs cooperation comes together smoothly when at other times you are more inclined to go it alone. You may flirt with people almost without realizing it.

The Sun is slow and stubborn, which you probably think of as being ‘strong-willed’, but Venus in its home sign of Taurus makes you tolerant and forgiving, as you stick with people for the long term.

This is also an excellent transit for your artwork, where you express yourself naturally and produce solid finished results. Channelling your creative energy comes easily and you identify closely with whatever medium you are working in, and the effect you are trying to make.

Sun and Venus come together most closely from June 1st to 7th, where Venus’s light is swallowed up in the Sun’s glare. Believe in your own attractiveness at this point, and don’t allow yourself to be ignored or overshadowed.

You may be on the defensive or over-anxious to impress a big personality, and a romantic scenario may also become all-consuming. You identify so heavily with sharing and compromise that it’s hard to balance your relationship with outside work and business demands.

Be careful not to give too much away in love, and instead step up and make somebody else prove their worth to you.

May 20 - June 12

Venus, Jupiter Conjunction (in Taurus) ~ A philosophy of love

Venus, the planet of love and art, is conjunct in Taurus with expansive, protective Jupiter from May 20th until June 12th, 2024.

These two planets came together at the end of April in Aries, and now in Taurus blending with each other in a more leisurely and luxurious style. Jupiter and Venus are both soft and sweet-natured stars, but also happen to be planetary enemies which take some work to fully integrate.

Venus’s sociable nature is lifted by Jupiter’s grand confidence, but you meet people who are quite different to you, and trust and harmony are hard to come by. Your core values and beliefs jar, and you can’t get past someone’s lifestyle or perhaps family background.

Venus in Taurus’s loyal and often possessive nature also does not sit easily with Jupiter’s need for freedom. Open yourself to a new outlook, without compromising what’s most important, and studying with someone may bring you closer, despite your different experiences.

You may travel and connect with a partner from far away, or a meeting of minds at home makes you feel like part of the wider world. This is a time of enjoyment and indulgence when you are generous and like to spoil somebody, as long as the feelings are returned.

There may simply be a lot of romantic temptation on offer, but the lesson of this Taurus transit is to appreciate the person you are with. Even through difficulties, you think deeply about what you want from your partner, especially from May 23rd to 27th, and create your own kind of philosophy of love.

May 31 - June 13

Sun, Mercury Conjunction (in Taurus) ~ A mind-body connection

Mercury, the planet of the mind, is conjunct with the all-powerful Sun in Taurus from May 31st to June 13th, 2024.

These two planets begin at different points in Taurus and influence each other subtly while keeping their own style of expression. The Sun goes from Rohini into Mrigashira on June 7th, while Mercury starts in Krittika and goes into Rohini by June 5th.

Mercury and the Sun are planetary enemies who need effort to work together, but also create Budhaditya Yoga, a combination of mental agility, intelligence, and good commercial instincts. This is a transit for education and business plans, or for working in communication and media, where you get your point across well.

You can strip an argument down to its most basic facts, and keeping things simple actually shows you have a clear grasp of your subject. Apply your intelligence practically and apply for a job or study course, or else you may receive a spontaneous offer of income and investment.

You also have an artistic flair that you can channel very effectively, especially into writing and imaginative fiction. Taurus makes you stubborn and committed, but try not to become obsessed with a task, and allow yourself to take regular breaks.

Let other people have their say as well and remain open to suggestions. As this transit progresses, you grow into a more personal outlook, and having someone you trust with an outside opinion helps you see things in a different light.

Taking time out of study and concentration also gives you a new perspective and an unexpected solution may arrive between June 3rd to 5th.

May 31 - June 14

Mercury, Jupiter Conjunction (in Taurus) ~ Big vision and fine detail

Mercury, the planet of thought and commerce, comes together with protective, expansive Jupiter in Taurus from May 31st to Jun 14th 2024.

These two stars are planetary enemies, which need adjustment to function at their best, with Mercury being all facts and precision, and Jupiter working through intuition and philosophy. At best, this conjunction gives you an inspired type of communication, where you sense the truth at a gut level and work out the finer points later.

Not everything is a matter of opinion, however, and in Taurus especially you like real-world solutions and to keep your thinking practical. Your speech has an earthy certainty, where you make a thorough and well-researched statement and defy anyone to argue.

This may lead to a drawn-out debate, so be careful of over-committing to your position and refusing to listen to outside views. The truth of a matter can also be subtler and more complex than obvious facts, and it resists your efforts to pin everything down.

You can still dive deeply into a subject and exhaust all the possibilities in search of a lasting answer. You enjoy a course of education, where Jupiter renews your enthusiasm, and your love for a subject, book or film, sees you meeting someone through a shared sense of humour.

This transit is at its height from June 3rd to 5th, and a sudden revelation at this point may actually come out of a long period of study. Go with your vision and think big: seeing the upside of a plan gets you out of a stuck mindset, and brings you closer to your best outcome.