Venus, planet of love and art, is in the Gandanta zone between fire and water signs from September 27th to October 6th 2023.

This is the third and final time Venus goes through this ‘knot-end’ area in 2023, after its previous phase in early August (where Venus was retrograde). If you have been backwards and forwards over a relationship issue this year, possibly only now can you see an outcome and a settled answer.

Be mindful that this passage keeps its fated quality, and events can still surprise you, even if you believe you have exhausted all of a situation’s possibilities. Try not to make any relationship changes too abruptly, as you are already in a shifting space and your actions may come as a big surprise to others.

The Gandanta degrees do not favour a major new relationship decision, but for you to consolidate and get through quietly. Going from the water element into fire, Venus generates symbolic steam, and you may have trouble seeing an issue clearly – plus friends and family are also acting rather unpredictably.

There is a sharp contrast between moody, sensitive Cancer-Ashlesha and bold confident Leo-Magha, so it is well to make any moves slowly and carry people along with you. By October 1st, Venus picks up the influence of cool, karmic Saturn, and a resolution you have made receives a real-world test.

If a partner or familiar face pulls out of an agreement, it may be as well to accept it and be flexible about going with the flow.

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