Ketu, the shadow planet of spirituality and nonattachment, enters the second pada of Anuradha in the sign of Scorpio on October 5th.

Anuradha is an auspicious nakshatra whose symbol of a Triumphal Arch holds the promise of success, and is also associated with good relations and personal friendship. Pada two is underpinned by Virgo navamsha – the chart ruling marriage and spirituality – where you have a subtle refinement and practical quality alongside Ketu’s outward Scorpio intensity.

Part of you is concerned with competition, transformation and getting under the surface, but you also have skill, discrimination and the knack of saying the right thing. This transit is good for channelling your energy into work and service, especially in a field relating to diet and wellness.

Ketu has an intuitive side that you can use for healing and knowing instinctively what is good for someone, and also what to do about it. Anuradha’s Shakti or special gift, of the Power of Devotion, so faith-healing may also be a good practice, where mantras and affirmations have a transforming impact on your quality of life.

You can explore mind-body connection and use yoga and meditation to great effect, combining the material and spiritual. Keep one foot in the real world, however, read up in depth about your subject and use your eye for fine detail.

Ketu is in Scorpio alongside romantic Venus until October 31st, which affects your relationships and draws you towards someone who is escapist, mystical or in need of help.

You may see great qualities in your partner, or someone you wish to impress, but make sure you are viewing the situation rationally and keep your energy for a situation that properly repays your effort.

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