The total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio-Vishakha on May 16th 2022 is the last in a series of eclipses in this sign going back to 2020.

This event is a supercharged Full Moon, where the Earth’s shadow obscures the lunar disk and symbolically, the ego principle comes in front of emotion. You may be in an upbeat mood and feel like celebrating, though an underlying atmosphere of passion and intensity means you should be careful what you say and how you react.

The Moon in Scorpio can be thin-skinned and make you alert to any perceived slight or suggestion. Friends and family are in the same high-key state and easily triggered, and you  score points by playing the peacemaker, where possible.

Eclipses clear away the past, sometimes quite abruptly, and a Lunar Eclipse especially is a moment of completion. Vishaksha’s symbol is a Victory Arch, so you may be putting the finishing touches on a successful campaign and achieving a sense of finality and freedom.

Again, however, be mindful of change in your job or relationship, where an outworn state dissolves and you are suddenly left in a new landscape. This nakshatra is ruled by Indragni, a combination of Indra, King of the Gods and Agni, the embodiment of sacred fire, so use this moment to work on yourself and consciously burn away psychic debris.

The Shakti or unique power of Vishakha is also to ‘Achieve Many Fruits in Life’, and if you have the courage, a large scale clear-out suits the energy of the time.

Eclipses are not auspicious for new initiatives, travelling or any major decision, but are outstanding for extended meditation and give you many times their usual value for mantra-chanting.

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