Mars, planet of energy and pride, is in Anuradha nakshatra from December 9th until 28th 2021.

This transit is entirely within the zodiacal sign of Scorpio where Mars is strong and at home, and you go from the diplomatic indecision of Libra to a more gut-level style of action, with added stamina and drive. Anuradha’s symbol is a Victory Arch, so whether in partnership or alone, your focus is on ultimate success, which may take a long spell of activity in a strong competitive field.

There is also a psychological warfare aspect to this placement, where you are set on a specific goal, but keep your motivation subtly hidden. Yet you love to prove yourself through a strong Mars, and the Shakti here is for ‘Devotion’, where total commitment to a cause creates positive change and good fortune.

Anuradha is also an asterism associated with friendship and a cooperative business style, where you forge alliances and aim for a mutually beneficial approach. This nakshatra is ruled by Mitra, one of the mythic Adityas, who govern friendship, so as well as individual performance, maintaining relations is a crucial part of your strategy.

Anuradha also gives a restless and impatient nature and if your horizons are too limited, you are alert to the promise further afield in a job, business or relationship. Your attention is on how to reconcile your martial desire and ego demands with the constraints of working in a team, and a clear division of labour is essential.

Still, make sure you get credit for your efforts in a joint endeavour, even if at times you have to keep your ego under wraps for the sake of group harmony. Mars moves alongside shadowy Ketu through this whole transit, so listen to your intuition, but make sure your efforts have a clear plan and purpose ahead of time.

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