Mercury, planet of the mind, is together with the all-powerful Sun in Sagittarius from January 1st to 14th, which makes the combination, Budhaditya Yoga, focusing on your pursuit of knowledge, native intelligence and promise of educational honours.

The Sun’s central life-giving force gives you strength and leadership ability, where Mercury’s pure intellect represents speaking ability and business acumen, and in an ideal balance these planets see you swaying people with your speech, and creating dynamic thinking and success.

Mercury is also retrograde through this transit, which sees it and the Sun moving towards each other, and they make their closest contact on January 7th and 8th. On these dates especially, Mercury is combust, or completely burnt up by the Sun’s rays, which is a debilitating condition for any planet.

Combustion can hinder your decision-making and give your thought-process a highly subjective and even self-destructive quality. You may be distracted or anxious, perhaps overly conscious of a deadline or other pressure, as if the symbolic authority of the Sun is watching over you.

It is rather like Mercury is eclipsed, where external factors interfere with your usual mentality and you may be speaking out of turn, or making some unusual or irrational choices. Be especially mindful if you are involved in detailed work or anything involving sales, media or public communication.

If possible, wait for this most intense period to pass before submitting any academic work or business proposals, and run your thoughts past someone you trust. Mercury gathers strength as it emerges from the Sun’s glare and towards the end of this transit, gives the stronger and more rewarding side of this combination. 

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