The Sun, the central life-giving force, is in Uttara Phalguni in the signs of Leo and Virgo from September 13th to 27th.

Uttara’s symbol, a Hammock, shows your leisurely approach, and its presiding deities Aryaman and Bagha, are associated with marriage and long-term relationship. You invest energy in your partnership and are super-generous to the closest person in your life, exactly like the all-giving Sun.

Motivated by giving help and support, you radiate positive intent and people enjoy being around your energy. A relationship is all about pure enjoyment and taking it easy, yet it’s also good to be aware when someone sends out a subtler emotional signal.

Uttara’s Shakti, or special gift, is ‘prosperity through partnership’ so you can strike a balance between your own needs versus giving to others. The Sun is a symbol of pride and identity, so put your talents on display and make sure you have a place to shine – but also give a thought to cooperation with a team.

Your talents catch people’s eye and attract interest that does you good, and having a partner to share in the work brings out the best in this transit. Simple generosity is a good attitude, both with this planet and nakshatra, and attracts support from your environment, especially when you make a focused charitable donation.

By September 17th, the Sun receives the direct gaze of Jupiter, planet of expansion and philosophy, which if anything, increases your laid-back attitude. Though you can accomplish a lot with the minimum of effort, giving greater focus for a short time lifts your work to another level.

Take advantage of a clear road and goodwill from friends and supporters.

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