Ketu, the shadow planet of imagination and spirituality, is in Pada One of Chitra from January 1st to March 4th 2024.

This pada is also in Leo navamsha, the sub-chart of marriage, so there is an underlying fire and sense of drama to your quest for escape, especially around your partnerships. Tap into your generous qualities, which combined with Ketu’s natural desire to help, can make you of great benefit to people closest to you.

In a long-term relationship especially, you are invested in giving care and your partner is drawn to your empathy and mysterious ability to understand. You can strike a deep rapport and find a powerful romantic atmosphere.

Be mindful of spiritual pride, however, and of anyone who draws too heavily on your energy and support. Pada One is naturally of the Dharma tendency, which focuses on your life path in alignment with spiritual truth. Integrating a creative and expressive side lifts any job to the level of a true vocation.

This nakshatra’s symbol of a shining Jewel also confers an ability with arts and crafts, and you are drawn to bright colours and materials. You love to express yourself and may produce truly exceptional work when you allow yourself to be free.

Chitra’s Shakti, the ‘Power to Collect Merit’, gives the promise of a reward, which here comes through inner work and developing a store of psychic power. Yoga and meditation is Ketu’s real strength, and you can integrate leadership and inspiration into finding a release from your everyday routine.

You absorb knowledge on the level of the mind, but also in a spiritual sense that resonates more deeply.

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