Mercury, planet of communication, is in Sagittarius-Purva Ashada from December 25th to January 2nd, the nakshatra which translates to ‘the Unconquered’.

Purva Ashada is associated with invincibility and its Shakti or unique power, is for Invigoration, so you bring a new approach into your mental life, speech and writing. Mercury here sees you making a lasting statement of your beliefs, or else learning new information broadens your understanding of the world. There is also a practical side to this energy which sees you doing well in work and business, doing deals and being an effective salesperson.

Purva Ashada is known to be a good debater too, which suits Mercury perfectly, so you get into arguments and discussions, or want to share ideas among your crowd. You might also be campaigning or writing a strong letter. Its symbol is a sieve or winnowing fan, which is used to separate wheat from the chaff, so you are sorting out your personal philosophy and deciding what works and what needs refining.

The risk however, is that every question becomes a matter of opinion rather than fact, so you have to master the details. This asterism is presided over by Lord Jal, the embodiment of water, and this element may also play a role in your affairs at this time, as you either travel by sea or learn about sailing or diving, or simply swim and bathe. You can ‘water’ your plans symbolically and Purva’s power for renewal sees new shoots coming up when you focus on the right areas.

Mercury is book-ended by the benefic influences of Venus and Jupiter through this transit, which gives you a particularly open and pleasing style of speech. Take advantage of this planetary support and create an impression on someone, or spring a bold request.
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