Mercury, planet of thought and commerce, comes together with protective, expansive Jupiter in Aries from March 26th to April 9th 2024. These planetary enemies remain at different ends of Aries through this transit, with Mercury in Ashwini and Jupiter in Bharani, so the pair do not interfere heavily with each other.

Mercury is all facts and precision, and Jupiter prefers revelation and philosophy, so you need to adjust between two extremes. Not everything is a matter of opinion. At best, this conjunction gives you a direct and inspired type of communication, where you intuit the truth and work out the finer points later. Or else you do deep-dive research into a subject until your inner vision takes over and changes your whole world-view.

This moment may arrive as Mercury goes retrograde on April 1st, and you reverse your thinking in the face of new intelligence. A radical change of position is likely at this point, and it pays to wait………

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