Saturn, planet of boundaries and karma, is pada (part) four of Shatabhishak, from Mar 8th to April 6th 2024.

This is new ground for Saturn, as it breaks out of the area it has covered in its Aquarius transit so far and moves into the second half of the sign. You feel as though you have crossed a border, though a successful ambition may still take longer to fulfil than you have planned.

This pada relates to Pisces navamsha, the chart of marriage and good fortune, which gives Saturn an unusually sympathetic and imaginative streak that you combine with a flair for organization. You may wish to work in the caring or health sector, or learn new ways you can help people practically.

You can also enlist your creativity and give solid expression to an idea or dream you want to share. Shatabhishak’s Shakti or special quality, for Healing, favours wellness and medicine, and you may be taking long-term decisions, or are on the long road to recovery.

This nakshatra’s symbol of an empty circle or horizon has a mystical quality, enhanced by the underlying Pisces quality, and Pada four is also of the Moksha or liberation tendency.

Saturn focuses your meditation and spiritual life in a disciplined way that leaves nothing to chance. You are strict about your own wellbeing too, and stick with a new diet or regime that otherwise might not last the course.

Saturn sits with dynamic Mars from March 15th and there is a push-pull quality in your work, where you are thorough and professional, but also step up to meet a tight deadline. You feel pressure to deliver on time, but be kind to yourself and resist the urge to rush.

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