Mercury, planet of intellect and communication, is in the
nakshatra of Mula within Sagittarius on December 3rd until 12th
2022, the nakshatra associated with the bare essentials and getting under the surface.

Mula translates to ‘Root’, which is reflected in its placement at our
astronomical Galactic Centre, and its symbolic association with paring down and getting to the heart of a subject. You become an intellectual purist at this point, motivated by following a subject or cause for its own sake, and not by material gain.

Mercury allows you to explore a specialized area and become an
expert with original insight and research. Mula’s Shakti is also ‘To Ruin and Break Apart’, so your perceptions tear down obstacles and focus on a study that stands up to a rigorous test.

A deep dive into a complex subject sees you coming up with a new theory that overturns the old model. This asterism is ruled by Nirrita, also known as Alakshmi, who is associated with scarcity – opposing qualities to those of her elder sister Lakshmi Devi.

You may wish to keep one eye on the bottom line, as Mula is said to be unfortunate for borrowing or gambling, but equally don’t let this period blind you to a new business opportunity.

The ‘Root’ symbolism makes this a good time to plant new thinking and connections, while Mercury as planet of commerce, is also outstanding for sales and striking business deals. Mercury being joined by romantic Venus after December 5th gives your speech an extra pleasing and diplomatic quality.

You can sell yourself effectively in your work and social world, and be an impartial judge in a tricky negotiation.

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