The Sun is in Jyeshta from December 3rd to 16th, the nakshatra in zodiacal Scorpio whose symbol is an Umbrella or Talisman.

Jyeshta translates as ‘The Elder’, and its ruler Indra, King of the Gods, gives Sun, the planet of kingship, an affinity here as you relish taking a leading and responsible role. You may be dealing with older people, or be the eldest yourself in a particular group, and you learn a lot about the politics of any given situation.

A light turns on wherever the Sun transits, and you find new insight into creativity, leadership and personal charisma, especially in this darkest and deepest of signs. People look to you for inspiration and you are not afraid to stand alone against opposition.

Jyeshta’s Shakti, or unique gift, is for Courage in Battle, so take pride in your fighting ability and inspire others to stand alongside you. The Umbrella symbolism here also sees you taking a protective interest in a friend or family member’s affairs, and you have pride invested in your cause.

This asterism is associated with Alakshmi, the elder sister of Lakshmi Devi, which signifies scarcity or lack, and is traditionally not good energy for speculation or investment. Still you can use your powers to help a friend make money and stimulate your own cash flow in the process.

Your battling qualities rise as the Sun receives the influence of Mars, planet of action, through this whole transit, and reaching a climax on December 9th. Make sure you are not too impulsive or encroaching on somebody else’s territory, but you can channel your sense of rivalry and get to the finishing line more quickly.

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