Mars, planet of energy and initiative, is in Rohini nakshatra within the sign of Taurus from December 4th to February 24th 2023.

This is a repeat of Mars’s transit from late August to late September of 2022, and events and activities set in motion at that time come around for a reprise. You may have had a victory back then, only for the issue to resurface and push you to conquer a second time.

Or having won an important battle, now you have to win the peace. Rohini is one of the truly auspicious nakshatras, renowned for its beauty and charm, flirtatious nature and links with planting and agriculture. Its Shakti, To Grow, sees people, plans and events flourishing in an upward and positive direction.

Rohini’s lordship by Bramha the Creator shows your creative and artistic efforts bearing fruit, and you having the drive and initiative to chase up all leads. You can make contacts and know how to move, with the only risk being Mars’s impetuous style proving too harsh for Rohini’s gentle and leisurely nature.

Mars retrograde for the first half of this transit pays you for doing things differently, where it’s vital to take your time and let events unfold naturally. You may be playing catch-up and hate to be hurried, but slow and steady wins the race.

Rohini’s symbol of a Cart suggests travel and progress, and accumulating possessions and security on your way. Certainly, you want material results, even if your ultimate prize is delayed. Mars turning direct in motion on January 13th is a pivotal point, where you will see if your recent efforts have paid off.

Anything which is still uncertain or not grounded at by this time may be let go of, and you can focus on avenues that bring a better reward.

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