The Sun, planet of soul and self-expression, is in Rohini nakshatra in the sign of Taurus from May 25th to June 8th.

Rohini’s Shakti is the ‘Power to Grow’, and now is the time to put your focus on new opportunities where your pride and identity are most heavily wrapped up. This nakshatra has a taste for aesthetics and luxurious, classically feminine qualities of image and fashion, where you do well with design and creativity.

In all, your focus is on being comfortable, and you understand people’s needs with a flair for cuisine and hospitality which may impress a special person. You are skilful at flirting and love affairs, and your fixed and persistent attitude is an advantage for getting your own way – as long as you don’t become overly jealous or possessive.

The transiting Sun shines a light wherever it goes and Rohini combines your earthy needs with an appreciation for beauty and a basic zest for life. This nakshatra’s ruler, Brahma the Creator, gives it parallels with the Sun, the centre of the universe and the giver of life.

The Sun’s position also points to your physical wellness and vitality, and this transit draws you towards fine quality in food and lifestyle. New plans flourish and develop, so pay attention to beginnings and any project which is positive and life-supporting has a good chance of success.

Up to May 31st, you have a charming and persuasive touch, and proposing a social plan gets a good reaction in your circle. This is also a good time to win support for a difficult or unusual request.

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