Mars, a planet of energy and assertiveness, is in Krittika, the nakshatra spanning the zodiacal signs of Aries and Taurus, between July 7th and 27th 2024.

Krittika’s symbol of a Flame or Razor is reflected in its ruling deity, Agni, which is the personification of sacred fire. Krittika’s basic nature is warlike and rajasic, where Mars sees you battling for your beliefs or defending a worthwhile cause. There are two distinct portions to this nakshatra; first in fiery, assertive Aries where Mars is at home, and then in earthy Taurus where your actions are slower and more deliberate.

Mars entering Taurus after July 12th comes together with expansive Jupiter and sees you following a long-term goal that needs extra stamina and confidence. Rather than a sudden leap, you think your prospects through carefully and apply steady, focused energy. This nakshatra’s Shakti, or special power, ‘To Burn’, also burns away waste and negativity in order to refine and purify.

You can get to the heart of your plans and ambitions with scalpel-like judgment, or cut through confusion on the way to a decisive move. A purge or drive to eliminate certain elements, sees you coming out ahead in the end with a cleaner and more efficient working model. Mars is the planet of muscle and movement, and a strong physical workout also burns energy and weight, as you whip yourself into shape.

Plan a program of activity ahead of time, to prevent your energy backing up, or coming out in a sudden, unexpected way. Krittika also has an association with digestive fire, where you may be on a special diet, or engaged in cooking, catering and entertainment.

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