July 7 - 19

Mercury, Venus (in Cancer) ~ Put your feelings into words

Mercury, the planet of the mind, and Venus, the planet of partnership, come together in Cancer from July 7th to 19th 2024.

This pair of planetary friends together make a great transit for harmonious speech and reaching out to people to promote yourself and your business. After their recent conjunction in Gemini, both these planets are now in unfamiliar territory, where moody, subtle Cancer adds another dimension to your heart and mind.

Remaining in different nakshatras, Mercury in Ashlesha and Venus in Pushya combine shrewd judgement with a sympathetic, maternal style of relating. You are curious about people and size situations up quickly but also need time to get to know someone before opening up. You may be caught between enjoying company and having a laugh, versus connecting more deeply and wanting a proper commitment.

A relationship in its early stages may also change quickly, and you are sensitive to changes in atmosphere and close friends’ responses. Expect people to come to you for sympathy, or to vent their feelings, and listen to your instincts when you sense social signals without needing to be told. You are attracted to a lover’s wit and intelligence, and a shared sense of humour is a great romantic bond.

Combine Mercury’s commercial skills with Venus’s appreciation of value, and you do well in business, creativity, and public relations. Both Mercury and Venus receive the fiery influence of Mars up to July 12th, which gives you a greater urgency and desire to get close, or even to make a conquest. Be careful that you say the right thing, and don’t rush into a contract or relationship too quickly.

July 13 - August 26

Jupiter, Mars Conjunction (in Taurus) ~ Slow and dynamic expansion

Mars, a planet of action and energy, is conjunct with philosophical Jupiter in Taurus from July 13th to August 26th, 2024.

This combination of planetary friends promises you courage and optimism, where your quest for knowledge takes on a lively and dynamic quality, and you rise beyond your old limitations. Your attitude may seem radical or even shocking to officials and bosses, but you can reassure them by doing your homework and having everything well thought out in advance.

You should feel grounded and strong in your body and can go further and work harder in business and in your keep-fit and yoga program. Neither Mars nor Jupiter are at home in Taurus, however, and you may also struggle to take advantage of an opening that appears, even when you know it’s a good thing.

You are caught between innovation and playing it safe, and there may be a ‘one step forward and one step back’ movement in business and education. Embracing the new takes time, and going too fast at the beginning is a shock to your system. August 10th to 18th is the most intense period of this transit, where you are especially daring and adventurous, and do well in a practical or security-oriented subject.

This period fires up your search for meaning and you may get into a heated debate over a scholarly subject or your personal belief system. Tension likely arises with a teacher, mentor figure, or parent, and you are inclined to go against the rules and traditional ways of behaving. A sense of fun makes even your biggest challenge easier, however, and you prefer to play fair and believe good outcomes arrive in the end.

July 16 - July 19

Mercury, Sun Conjunction (in Cancer) ~ Sum up a mood in words

Mercury, planet of the mind, is in conjunction with the light-giving Sun in Cancer from July 16th to 19th 2024.

Sun and Mercury are at opposite ends of Cancer in this short transit, with Sun in Pushya and Mercury in Ashlesha, so each planets keeps its own function and sense of identity. You have pride invested in your communication, and your ego is wrapped up in an idea, subject, or commercial venture.

Though this pair are planetary enemies, Sun and Mercury create Budhaditya Yoga, a combination for powers of study, speech and business, and you have an opportunity to combine their strengths. In Cancer, you think and speak through your emotions and your ideas are heavily influenced by your environment and passing moods.

Try to think longer-term and remain rational, however, and don’t give an answer based purely on how you feel in the moment. Your instincts are strong, you can put fine feelings into words, and people also come to you for sympathy when you seem to understand.

Certainly this transit gives you a flair for psychology, where Mercury in Ashlesha has great insight, and the Sun in Pushya is kind and supportive. As well as intelligence and fine intuition, you have a hunch for what will be popular and what works well with people’s basic needs.

Venus, planet of relating, also in Cancer at this point gives you a sociable outlook and you can reach out to friends and share whatever experience you are doing.

There is a very human side to this transit, which can also be used for sales, campaigning, study, and public speaking.

July 31 - August 22

Mercury, Venus (in Leo) ~ Enjoy sweet but secretive speech

Mercury, the planet of the mind, and Venus, the planet of relationship, come together in Leo from July 31st to August 22nd, 2024.

This auspicious meeting of two planetary friends favours harmonious speech and promoting your talents, where you find the right words for every occasion. You are charming and diplomatic, and people are drawn to your warmth and openness, even though your views may be fixed to the point of stubbornness.

There’s a light, flirtatious quality to all your relations, where you enjoy wit and laughs, but make sure there are no misunderstandings in company. Somebody may take your friendly signals the wrong way and you have to backtrack, especially in Mercury’s retrograde period after August 6th.

An old face returning into your life at this point finds you in a sociable mood, and you are ready to welcome them and compare past experiences. An element of fate may come into your relationships at this point and you learn something about your needs. Leo gives you great generosity, where you support your family and loved ones, and can intercede and make peace where there’s disagreement.

August 7th to 10th especially sees you finding new friends and forgiveness, and this is also a good time for a family occasion. You can channel your dramatic flair into creative writing, along with any craft or handiwork that uses an artistic touch, and express yourself while finding useful therapy.

This transit gives a leisurely quality in all your business, but August 18th to 20th creates a good professional attitude and you can set yourself a deadline to deliver to order.