Rahu, planet of desire and the outsider, is in pada two of Revati from March 4th to May 6th 2024.

Revati translates to ‘The Wealthy’, and sits well with Rahu’s materialistic energy, where you run on desire and ambition. This Pada relates to Capricorn navamsha, the chart of relationship and good luck, where Rahu takes its natural materialistic quality and adds real strategic ambition.

The underlying Saturn-ruled quality here sees you with a practical and worldly outlook, as you balance Rahu’s urge to break out of the box with a need to fit in and conform. You can enhance your prosperity and security, and a long-term relationship helps you to ground your plans and achieve more than you can on your own.

Revati’s Shakti, or special power, ‘To Protect’, also enhances your generosity and gives you big ambitions, perhaps to be of lasting help and support to the wider world. You may take a businesslike attitude to charitable giving, or even operate in the voluntary sector.

Pada two’s ‘Artha’ tendency also focuses on finance and security, where you pursue a luxury lifestyle, and prosperity comes from following a smart attitude, where you know how the real world works.

This also gives you patience and discipline in psychology and meditation, where you welcome the chance of a long program of transformation. Up to April 1st, Rahu is squeezed between the sweet influences of Venus and Jupiter, which gives you prospects for creating important contacts and getting your way.

This may be a time to go further into left-field, as no matter how radical or unusual your ideas, somebody is supportive and gives you freedom to act.

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