Venus, the planet of love and art, enters Bharani in the zodiac sign of Aries from May 5th to 16th 2024.

Bharani’s name means ‘she who bears’, while its symbol of a Vulva associates with giving birth – either physically, or in the sense of hatching plans and creative ideas. These feminine and maternal qualities give you a flair for catering and hospitality, where you look after people, or take a caring role in a job or business.

Your romantic affections may be rather overpowering at this point, so be mindful to give your partner breathing space, even if it’s in Venus’s nature to give close attention. Jealousy and possessiveness can easily arise under this transit.

Bharani’s Shakti, ‘The Power to Carry Things Away’, has a sense of a spiritual transformation, or perhaps removing an obstacle from your life, and this quality can go different ways. It pays not to be too impulsive, but you may get wrapped up in a relationship to the point where you are ‘carried away’ at the moment.

This nakshatra’s ruler, Yama, Lord of Death, affirms its transforming energy and you may have to let one project go before starting on another. Achieving a long-held goal can also allow you to move on feeling freer. Up to May 10th, you can take the initiative with a creative plan or romantic proposal and your ideas are well supported.

Saturn’s aspect on Venus through this transit gives you strong personal boundaries and you want a reliable partner who will be there for you, solidly. From May 13th to 15th, you may have to defer a date or night out, but this is also a time to make a serious and lasting commitment.

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