Mercury, planet of intelligence and communication, is in Uttara Ashada from January 2nd to 11th, the nakshatra that spans the zodiacal signs of Sagittarius and Capricorn.

This is an auspicious asterism that emphasises diplomacy and balance, and its Shakti for ‘Uncontested Victory’ points to using careful negotiation. You may reap the benefits of work already done, and somebody agrees to your proposals without question or debate. Uttara’s fixed quality brings hard-earned rewards and a lasting legacy, and its mythical rulers are the ten Vishwadevas, which each represent a positive and spiritual quality that is brought into focus here.

Take the high-road in negotiation and your message comes across in ways you do not expect. After January 5th, Mercury joins the combination of philosophical Jupiter and worldly Saturn in Uttara, which gives your thoughts and ideas a profound and more enduring quality. You strike a balance between optimism and realism, big picture and detail, and smart choices at this time cement your good fortune.

This nakshatra helps you make contacts and alliances easily and you win respect for your tact and diplomacy: you are also on hand to offer good advice to a friend in need. Mercury favours reaching out to people and asking the right questions, and your point comes across both in print and spoken word, after you have made all the arguments. You are lively and curious, but don’t mind a patient build-up when there is the prospect of ultimate success.

Uttara Ashada is of the Kshatriya, or warrior caste, and you meet with success when channelling your mental powers to promote a cause. Letters, articles and debate give your campaign energy and publicity, and you can make a real difference to an important issue.

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