Mercury, the planet of intellect and communication, crosses the Gandanta zone between fire and water signs and nakshatras from May 6th to 13th 2024.

This phase, which translates to a ‘knot-end’, stretches from the final pada of Pisces-Revati through the first of Aries-Ashwini, and has a quality of instability and karmic experience. Mercury moved through this place from late March to mid-April this year, in its retrograde phase, and you may only now be ready to react to an issue from that time.

An extended focus on the Gandanta territory over the last months requires you to think carefully and consider every possible outcome. If a scenario arises again, you are in a better position now to choose. A deal still may not work out as advertised when you look into the details, but you have a reserve plan to fall back on to.

Friends may also be acting strangely, as someone pulls out of an agreement that you believed was firmly set in motion. Take your time, and if a project or ambition is really worth the effort, then waiting a few days will play in your favour.

Mercury sits with passionate Mars in Pisces up to May 10th and gives you a restless mind and an impulsive streak. From this point of view, its movement into Aries-Ashwini may actually make for more stable and measured thinking.

Mercury in Aries’s combination with Venus at this point also gives you a tactful way of speaking that smooths over difficulties and lets you repair any misunderstanding. You can persuade somebody around to your ideas and the wait is worth it.

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