Venus, planet of love and art, is in the Gandanta zone between fire and water signs from July 30th to August 12th 2023.

This is the second of Venus’s recent passages through this ‘knot-end’ area, following the Gandanta phase of early to mid-July, except now the situation is reversed with Venus being retrograde.

Starting in Leo-Magha and backing into Cancer-Ashlesha, Venus sees you in bold and confident style, then moving into a more feeling and reflective place. It is a big jump from fiery, dramatic Leo, into watery Cancer, which operates on instinct and prefers a quieter approach all-round.

A romantic situation from the previous Gandanta time may arise again and a sense of fate surrounds a character who defies your usual ways of relating. This passage has a fated quality in any event, but in retro motion, Venus may give you a sharply different take on the whole matter.

Try not to make any change of style too abrupt, as you are already in a shifting space and ready to surprise your friends. Going from the fire element into water generates symbolic steam, and you may have trouble seeing an issue clearly, and other people are also acting in a quite unpredictable way.

A partner or familiar face may pull out of an agreement that took time to arrange, and you have to sweet-talk them around once again. Venus reverses back into Cancer by August 7th, where it also escapes the varied and complex influences of Mercury and Mars in Leo, and you have more time to reflect.

Keep in mind Venus will have a third Gandanta passage between these signs in early September, where the relationship affairs pressing you now may reach their conclusion.

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