Venus, the planet of love and relationship, is in Krittika, the nakshatra that spans the zodiacal signs of Aries and Taurus, between May 1st and 12th 2021.

Krittika is represented by a flame or razor and its ruling deity is Agni, the personification of sacred fire. Venus here gives you fiery passion in a romantic setting, and also the ability to cut away attachment when a relationship needs radical change.

This is a warlike, rajasic nakshatra, where you can positively seek out new contacts and break the ice with strangers rather than sit back and hope to be noticed. You are impulsive and possibly a little self-centred now, so while you may be in the mood for a romantic conquest, it’s good to keep an awareness of others’ needs.

Krittika’s Shakti, or special power, is also ‘To Burn’, which for Venus can mean being deeply in love, or encountering jealousy or powerful emotions that you need to work through. Make sure you don’t get your fingers burnt. In any case, a fiery scene or blow-up clears the air before you move on feeling lighter and freer.

Venus also gives you diplomatic skills where you can campaign for a political or social cause, or be an advocate for a personal belief. This transit in particular allows you to walk a line between powerful and opposing factions and create peace and harmony – you may be refereeing someone else’s relationship as well as your own.

A scalpel-like discrimination is useful, where even if you eliminate certain elements from your relationships, you come out ahead. Your artistic work may receive a dose of fiery inspiration under this transit, and this nakshatra is also associated with food and cooking, particularly after May 5th, when Venus gives you a flair for entertaining and playing host.

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