The Sun, day-star and planet of the soul, is in Hasta from September 27th to October 10th, the nakshatra of the hand and handicraft.

As Hasta’s ruling devata, the Sun has a clear affinity in this asterism, and gives you a confident and generous nature within the humble and earthy approach of zodiacal Virgo. The Sun shines wherever it lands, so you can illuminate a new area or shed light on a subject from the past.

Dealing with mundane tasks like medicine and healing, or writing and teaching, are places where you excel, and all with a commercial flair. This symbolism also implies an outstretched hand, showing you or someone close to you, getting their needs met, perhaps with a by-hook-or-by-crook approach.

Yet the Sun is an honourable planet, the significator of the soul, and by focusing on its energy with meditation and mantra work, especially on a Sunday, you can increase your inner energy and confidence: Hasta’s Shakti is ‘To Put Power in Your Hands’.

A spiritual approach also leads you to explore palmistry, or its sister-science, astrology, where an initial reading may start a deep-dive into the divinatory arts. Hasta is a masculine, fiery, rajasic nakshatra, giving energy and passion, so take pride in your work and show you can be a safe pair of hands: craftsmanship in everything you do is key.

Even a temporary job or filling in time while your real vocation takes shape becomes a vital part of your heroic solar journey. The Sun moves alongside romantic Venus through this transit, which gives you an easy-going and forgiving quality that repairs old relationships and helps you make a new alliance.

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