Mercury, the planet of intelligence, is in Cancer-Ashlesha from July 9th to 19th 2024, the ‘serpent nakshatra’ associated with protectiveness and emotional insight.

This transit combines rational thinking and native instinct, where your task is to separate your thoughts from your feelings. Ashlesha is ruled by the Naghas, the mythical snakes who acted as guardians of celestial treasure, which shows your protectiveness and worldly wisdom. As a planet of commerce, Mercury sees you using your business skills and native wit to manage money and spot a new opening.

Ashlesha’s Shakti ‘To Inflict Poison’, shows your defensive, suspicious side, but you can also tap this nakshatra’s energy to study healing and medicine. A powerful mystical quality combines deep research with the practice of yoga and meditation to arrive at a deeper understanding than simple book learning. Your grasp of psychology also sizes up a situation quickly, and you may unnerve and hypnotize your rivals and keep up a competitive edge.

Hidden agendas are the order of the day and this transit may also bring you into a toxic atmosphere, where people say one thing and do another. This can bring moments where you are overwhelmed with feelings and at a loss for words. You have excellent empathic skills to get beneath surface appearances, detecting games and manipulation from people, and perhaps even using some of your own.

Mercury comes together with sweet-talking Venus through this whole transit, and you walk a line between flirtation and self-protection. You know how to say the right thing, but are secretly looking for something more than a surface connection, and are ready to wait for your moment.

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